Ladies Bible Study

Finding God Faithful by Kelly Minter

This Bible Study Begins May 7th

 **Please order your own study guide from Lifeway or Amazon.

Online Bible Study for all Beacon ladies. Finding God Faithful by Kelly Minter.

Join us for a time of discussion and connection.

We will discuss the study beginning on Thursday May 7 at 6:30-7:15, and continue until June 18.


The "How tos":


1. go to, choose "Online Bible Studies" on the home page;

2. click on Finding God Faithful, then log in or register to create an account;

3. choose "Finding God Faithful", and either buy a book or an ebook. (online book). Books can also be bought through Amazon Prime;

4. We will do the first two weeks together. Get started doing the first two videos and the first two weeks of homework (it is not much);

5. We will meet on a Zoom call at 6:30 on Thursday nights starting on May 7, and continuing until June 18. Please make sure to download the Zoom App on your computer before our first meeting.

6. We will contact you with the numbers for the Zoom call.


If you plan on joining us for this study, please give us your name, cell phone number, and/ or your email address by leaving it on the church voicemail or church email address. We need to have a way to contact you for the Zoom call instructions. To leave a message, call the church at 734.287.3090, or church email address is


We are excited to meet with you all again! If you have any questions, we are here to help you. We can walk you through any of the above instructions. If you have their numbers, either contact Tracey Cargnel, Denise Taylor, or Rhonda Reilly with questions, or leave your name and number and we will get back with you promptly!


Beacon LBS

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